Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 12 Part 10

The good and the highest good

Paragraph 1 We must consider also in which of two ways the nature of the universe contains the good, and the highest good, whether as something separate and by itself, or as the order of the parts.
Paragraph 2 We must not fail to observe how many impossible or paradoxical results confront those who hold different views from our own, and what are the views of the subtler thinkers, and which views are attended by fewest difficulties.
Paragraph 3 Empedocles also has a paradoxical view;
Paragraph 4 Anaxagoras makes the good a motive principle;
Paragraph 5 Further, why should there always be becoming, and what is the cause of becoming?
Paragraph 6 Again, if besides sensible things no others exist, there will be no first principle, no order, no becoming, no heavenly bodies, but each principle will have a principle before it, as in the accounts of the theologians and all the natural philosophers.
Paragraph 7 'The rule of many is not good;

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