Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 13 Part 4

The existence of forms

Paragraph 1 So much then for the objects of mathematics;
Paragraph 2 Again, of the ways in which it is proved that the Forms exist, none is convincing;
Paragraph 3 And in general the arguments for the Forms destroy things for whose existence the believers in Forms are more zealous than for the existence of the Ideas;
Paragraph 4 Again, according to the assumption on the belief in the Ideas rests, there will be Forms not only of substances but also of many other things;
Paragraph 5 But if we are to suppose that in other respects the common definitions apply to the Forms, e.g. that 'plane figure' and the other parts of the definition apply to the circle itself, but 'what really is' has to be added, we must inquire whether this is not absolutely meaningless.

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