Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 13 Part 6

On numbers as separable substances and first causes

Paragraph 1 Since we have discussed these points, it is well to consider again the results regarding numbers which confront those who say that numbers are separable substances and first causes of things.
Paragraph 2 Again, these kinds of numbers must either be separable from things, or not separable but in objects of perception (not however in the way which we first considered, in the sense that objects of perception consists of numbers which are present in them) - either one kind and not another, or all of them.
Paragraph 3 These are of necessity the only ways in which the numbers can exist.
Paragraph 4 Another thinker says the first kind of number, that of the Forms, alone exists, and some say mathematical number is identical with this.
Paragraph 5 The case of lines, planes, and solids is similar.

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