Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 14 Part 6

What the good is that things get from numbers

Paragraph 1 One might also raise the question what the good is that things get from numbers because their composition is expressible by a number, either by one which is easily calculable or by an odd number.
Paragraph 2 If all things must share in number, it must follow that many things are the same, and the same number must belong to one thing and to another.
Paragraph 3 These people are like the old-fashioned Homeric scholars, who see small resemblances but neglect great ones.
Paragraph 4 But the lauded characteristics of numbers, and the contraries of these, and generally the mathematical relations, as some describe them, making them causes of nature, seem, when we inspect them in this way, to vanish;
Paragraph 5 Again, it is not the ideal numbers that are the causes of musical phenomena and the like (for equal ideal numbers differ from one another in form;
Paragraph 6 These, then, are the results of the theory, and yet more might be brought together.

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