Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 4 Part 5

Protagoras, Anaxagoras, Empedocles, Democritus, Parmenides...

Paragraph 1 From the same opinion proceeds the doctrine of Protagoras, and both doctrines must be alike true or alike untrue.
Paragraph 2 Evidently, then, both doctrines proceed from the same way of thinking.
Paragraph 3 Those who really feel the difficulties have been led to this opinion by observation of the sensible world.
Paragraph 4 And (2) similarly some have inferred from observation of the sensible world the truth of appearances.
Paragraph 5 And again, they say that many of the other animals receive impressions contrary to ours;
Paragraph 6 And in general it is because these thinkers suppose knowledge to be sensation, and this to be a physical alteration, that they say that what appears to our senses must be true;
Paragraph 7 "For wisdom increases in men according to what is before them."
Paragraph 8 And elsewhere he says that:
Paragraph 9 "So far as their nature changed, so far to them always
Paragraph 10 Came changed thoughts into mind.
Paragraph 11 And Parmenides also expresses himself in the same way:
Paragraph 12 "For as at each time the much-bent limbs are composed,
Paragraph 13 So is the mind of men;
Paragraph 14 'Tis one thing thinks - the substance of their limbs:
Paragraph 15 For that of which there is more is thought.
Paragraph 16 A saying of Anaxagoras to some of his friends is also related, - that things would be for them such as they supposed them to be.
Paragraph 17 But the reason why these thinkers held this opinion is that while they were inquiring into the truth of that which is, they thought, 'that which is' was identical with the sensible world;
Paragraph 18 But we shall say in answer to this argument also that while there is some justification for their thinking that the changing, when it is changing, does not exist, yet it is after all disputable;
Paragraph 19 Regarding the nature of truth, we must maintain that not everything which appears is true;
Paragraph 20 And, in general, if only the sensible exists, there would be nothing if animate things were not;

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