Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 5 Part 7


Paragraph 1 Things are said to 'be' (1) in an accidental sense, (2) by their own nature.
Paragraph 2 (1) In an accidental sense, e.g. we say 'the righteous doer is musical', and 'the man is musical', and 'the musician is a man', just as we say 'the musician builds', because the builder happens to be musical or the musician to be a builder;
Paragraph 3 (2) The kinds of essential being are precisely those that are indicated by the figures of predication;
Paragraph 4 (3) Again, 'being' and 'is' mean that a statement is true, 'not being' that it is not true but false - and this alike in the case of affirmation and of negation;
Paragraph 5 (4) Again, 'being' and 'that which is' mean that some of the things we have mentioned 'are' potentially, others in complete reality.

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