Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 5 Part 9

Same and different

Paragraph 1 'The same' means:
Paragraph 2 (1) that which is the same in an accidental sense, e.g. 'the pale' and 'the musical' are the same because they are accidents of the same thing, and 'a man' and 'musical' because the one is an accident of the other;
Paragraph 3 Some things are said to be the same in this sense, others
Paragraph 4 (2) are the same by their own nature, in as many senses as that which is one by its own nature is so;
Paragraph 5 Things are called 'other' if either their kinds or their matters or the definitions of their essence are more than one;
Paragraph 6 'Different' is applied (1) to those things which though other are the same in some respect, only not in number but either in species or in genus or by analogy;
Paragraph 7 Those things are called 'like' which have the same attributes in every respect, and those which have more attributes the same than different, and those whose quality is one;

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