Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 5 Part 11

Prior and posterior

Paragraph 1 The words 'prior' and 'posterior' are applied (1) to some things (on the assumption that there is a first, i.e. a beginning, in each class) because they are nearer some beginning determined either absolutely and by nature, or by reference to something or in some place or by certain people;
Paragraph 2 These, then, are called prior in this sense, but (2) in another sense that which is prior for knowledge is treated as also absolutely prior;
Paragraph 3 (3) The attributes of prior things are called prior, e.g. straightness is prior to smoothness;
Paragraph 4 Some things then are called prior and posterior in this sense, others (4) in respect of nature and substance, i.e. those which can be without other things, while the others cannot be without them, - a distinction which Plato used.

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