Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 5 Part 15


Paragraph 1 Things are 'relative':
Paragraph 2 (1) as double to half, and treble to a third, and in general that which contains something else many times to that which is contained many times in something else, and that which exceeds to that which is exceeded;
Paragraph 3 (2) as that which can heat to that which can be heated, and that which can cut to that which can be cut, and in general the active to the passive;
Paragraph 4 (3) as the measurable to the measure, and the knowable to knowledge, and the perceptible to perception.
Paragraph 5 (1) Relative terms of the first kind are numerically related either indefinitely or definitely, to numbers themselves or to 1.
Paragraph 6 (2) Things that are active or passive imply an active or a passive potency and the actualizations of the potencies;
Paragraph 7 Relative terms which imply number or potency, therefore, are all relative because their very essence includes in its nature a reference to something else, not because something else involves a reference to it;
Paragraph 8 Things that are by their own nature called relative are called so sometimes in these senses, sometimes if the classes that include them are of this sort;

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