Aristotle METAPHYSICA Book 5 Part 17


1. 'Limit' means

2. (1) the last point of each thing, i.e. the first point beyond which it is not possible to find any part, and the first point within which every part is;

3. (2) the form, whatever it may be, of a spatial magnitude or of a thing that has magnitude;

4. (3) the end of each thing (and of this nature is that towards which the movement and the action are, not that from which they are - though sometimes it is both, that from which and that to which the movement is, i.e. the final cause);

5. (4) the substance of each thing, and the essence of each; for this is the limit of knowledge; and if of knowledge, of the object also. Evidently, therefore, 'limit' has as many senses as 'beginning', and yet more; for the beginning is a limit, but not every limit is a beginning.

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