Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 5 Part 23

Having and being

Paragraph 1 To 'have' or 'hold' means many things:
Paragraph 2 (1) to treat a thing according to one's own nature or according to one's own impulse;
Paragraph 3 (2) That in which a thing is present as in something receptive of it is said to have the thing;
Paragraph 4 (3) As that which contains holds the things contained;
Paragraph 5 (4) That which hinders a thing from moving or acting according to its own impulse is said to hold it, as pillars hold the incumbent weights, and as the poets make Atlas hold the heavens, implying that otherwise they would collapse on the earth, as some of the natural philosophers also say.
Paragraph 6 'Being in something' has similar and corresponding meanings to 'holding' or 'having'.

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