Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 5 Part 28

Race and genus

Paragraph 1 The term 'race' or 'genus' is used:
Paragraph 2 (1) if generation of things which have the same form is continuous, e.g. 'while the race of men lasts' means 'while the generation of them goes on continuously'.
Paragraph 3 (2) It is used with reference to that which first brought things into existence;
Paragraph 4 (3) There is genus in the sense in which 'plane' is the genus of plane figures and 'solid' of solids;
Paragraph 5 Again (4) in definitions the first constituent element, which is included in the 'what', is the genus, whose differentiae the qualities are said to be 'Genus' then is used in all these ways, (1) in reference to continuous generation of the same kind, (2) in reference to the first mover which is of the same kind as the things it moves, (3) as matter;
Paragraph 6 Those things are said to be 'other in genus' whose proximate substratum is different, and which are not analysed the one into the other nor both into the same thing (e.g. form and matter are different in genus);

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