Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 5 Part 29

The false

Paragraph 1 'The false' means:
Paragraph 2 (1) that which is false as a thing, and that (a) because it is not put together or cannot be put together, e.g. 'that the diagonal of a square is commensurate with the side' or 'that you are sitting';
Paragraph 3 (2) A false account is the account of non-existent objects, in so far as it is false.
Paragraph 4 These things, then, are called false in these senses, but (3) a false man is one who is ready at and fond of such accounts, not for any other reason but for their own sake, and one who is good at impressing such accounts on other people, just as we say things are which produce a false appearance.

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