Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 7 Part 12

Definition and differentiae, genus and species

Paragraph 1 Now let us treat first of definition, in so far as we have not treated of it in the Analytics;
Paragraph 2 We must first inquire about definitions reached by the method of divisions.
Paragraph 3 If then the genus absolutely does not exist apart from the species-of-a-genus, or if it exists but exists as matter (for the voice is genus and matter, but its differentiae make the species, i.e. the letters, out of it), clearly the definition is the formula which comprises the differentiae.
Paragraph 4 But it is also necessary that the division be by the differentia of the diferentia;
Paragraph 5 If then a differentia of a differentia be taken at each step, one differentia - the last - will be the form and the substance;

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