Aristotle - index for METAPHYSICA Book 9 Part 6


Paragraph 1 Since we have treated of the kind of potency which is related to movement, let us discuss actuality - what, and what kind of thing, actuality is.
Paragraph 2 But also the infinite and the void and all similar things are said to exist potentially and actually in a different sense from that which applies to many other things, e.g. to that which sees or walks or is seen.
Paragraph 3 Since of the actions which have a limit none is an end but all are relative to the end, e.g. the removing of fat, or fat-removal, and the bodily parts themselves when one is making them thin are in movement in this way (i.e. without being already that at which the movement aims), this is not an action or at least not a complete one (for it is not an end);

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