Aristotle - The Organon - index for CATEGORIAE Book 1 Part 2

Presence and predication

Paragraph 1 Forms of speech are either simple or composite.
Paragraph 2 Of things themselves some are predicable of a subject, and are never present in a subject.
Paragraph 3 By being 'present in a subject' I do not mean present as parts are present in a whole, but being incapable of existence apart from the said subject.
Paragraph 4 Some things, again, are present in a subject, but are never predicable of a subject.
Paragraph 5 Other things, again, are both predicable of a subject and present in a subject.
Paragraph 6 There is, lastly, a class of things which are neither present in a subject nor predicable of a subject, such as the individual man or the individual horse.

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