Aristotle - The Organon - index for CATEGORIAE Book 1 Part 12


Paragraph 1 There are four senses in which one thing can be said to be 'prior' to another.
Paragraph 2 Secondly, one thing is said to be 'prior' to another when the sequence of their being cannot be reversed.
Paragraph 3 In the third place, the term 'prior' is used with reference to any order, as in the case of science and of oratory.
Paragraph 4 Besides these senses of the word, there is a fourth.
Paragraph 5 Such, then, are the different senses in which the term 'prior' is used.
Paragraph 6 Yet it would seem that besides those mentioned there is yet another.
Paragraph 7 Thus the word 'prior' may be used in five senses.

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