Aristotle - The Organon - index for DE INTERPRETATIONE Book 1 Part 3


Paragraph 1 A verb is that which, in addition to its proper meaning, carries with it the notion of time.
Paragraph 2 I will explain what I mean by saying that it carries with it the notion of time.
Paragraph 3 Moreover, a verb is always a sign of something said of something else, i.e. of something either predicable of or present in some other thing.
Paragraph 4 Such expressions as 'is not-healthy', 'is not, ill', I do not describe as verbs;
Paragraph 5 Similarly 'he was healthy', 'he will be healthy', are not verbs, but tenses of a verb;
Paragraph 6 Verbs in and by themselves are substantival and have significance, for he who uses such expressions arrests the hearer's mind, and fixes his attention;

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