Aristotle - The Organon - index for ANALYTICA PRIORIA Book 2 Part 21

Deception in the arrangement of the terms

Paragraph 1 It sometimes happens that just as we are deceived in the arrangement of the terms, so error may arise in our thought about them, e.g. if it is possible that the same predicate should belong to more than one subject immediately, but although knowing the one, a man may forget the other and think the opposite true.
Paragraph 2 In the former case, where the middle term does not belong to the same series, it is not possible to think both the premisses with reference to each of the two middle terms:
Paragraph 3 By a knowledge of the universal then we see the particulars, but we do not know them by the kind of knowledge which is proper to them;
Paragraph 4 But he who thinks the essence of good is the essence of bad will think the same thing to be the essence of good and the essence of bad.

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