Aristotle - The Organon - index for ANALYTICA POSTERIORA Book 1 Part 17

Attributes not atomically connected or disconnected

Paragraph 1 In the case of attributes not atomically connected with or disconnected from their subjects, (a) (i) as long as the false conclusion is inferred through the 'appropriate' middle, only the major and not both premisses can be false.
Paragraph 2 When the erroneous inference is in the second figure, both premisses cannot be entirely false;
Paragraph 3 We have stated when and through what kinds of premisses error will result in cases where the erroneous conclusion is negative.
Paragraph 4 (b) The middle may be inappropriate.
Paragraph 5 Thus we have made it clear how many varieties of erroneous inference are liable to happen and through what kinds of premisses they occur, in the case both of immediate and of demonstrable truths.

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