Aristotle - The Organon - index for ANALYTICA POSTERIORA Book 2 Part 4

Whether syllogism is possible

Paragraph 1 So much, then, for the first stage of our problem.
Paragraph 2 We might argue it impossible on the following grounds:
Paragraph 3 If one does not take this relation as thus duplicated - if, that is, A is predicated as being of the essence of B, but B is not of the essence of the subjects of which it is predicated - A will not necessarily be predicated of C as belonging to its essence.
Paragraph 4 We may generalize by supposing that it is possible to prove the essential nature of man.
Paragraph 5 Thus they who prove the essential nature of soul or man or anything else through reciprocating terms beg the question.
Paragraph 6 We conclude, then, that unless one takes both the premisses as predicating essence, one cannot infer that A is the definable form and essence of C:

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