Aristotle - The Organon - index for ANALYTICA POSTERIORA Book 2 Part 19

How basic premisses become known.

Paragraph 1 As regards syllogism and demonstration, the definition of, and the conditions required to produce each of them, are now clear, and with that also the definition of, and the conditions required to produce, demonstrative knowledge, since it is the same as demonstration.
Paragraph 2 We have already said that scientific knowledge through demonstration is impossible unless a man knows the primary immediate premisses.
Paragraph 3 We conclude that these states of knowledge are neither innate in a determinate form, nor developed from other higher states of knowledge, but from sense-perception.
Paragraph 4 Let us now restate the account given already, though with insufficient clearness.
Paragraph 5 Thus it is clear that we must get to know the primary premisses by induction;

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