Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 1 Part 13

Four sources of arguments

Paragraph 1 The classes, then, of things about which, and of things out of which, arguments are constructed, are to be distinguished in the way we have said before.
Paragraph 2 (1) the securing of propositions;
Paragraph 3 (2) the power to distinguish in how many senses particular expression is used;
Paragraph 4 (3) the discovery of the differences of things;
Paragraph 5 (4) the investigation of likeness.
Paragraph 6 (1) 'The desirable may mean either the honourable or the pleasant or the expedient';
Paragraph 7 (2) Sensation differs from knowledge in that the latter may be recovered again after it has been lost, while the former cannot;
Paragraph 8 (3) The relation of the healthy to health is like that of the vigorous to vigour.

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