Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 1 Part 18

It is useful to study difference in meaning of a term

Paragraph 1 It is useful to have examined the number of meanings of a term both for clearness' sake (for a man is more likely to know what it is he asserts, if it bas been made clear to him how many meanings it may have), and also with a view to ensuring that our reasonings shall be in accordance with the actual facts and not addressed merely to the term used.
Paragraph 2 The discovery of the differences of things helps us both in reasonings about sameness and difference, and also in recognizing what any particular thing is.
Paragraph 3 The examination of likeness is useful with a view both to inductive arguments and to hypothetical reasonings, and also with a view to the rendering of definitions.
Paragraph 4 The means, then, whereby reasonings are effected, are these:

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