Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 2 Part 2

Mistaken accidental ascription

Paragraph 1 Now one commonplace rule is to look and see if a man has ascribed as an accident what belongs in some other way.
Paragraph 2 Another rule is to examine all cases where a predicate has been either asserted or denied universally to belong to something.
Paragraph 3 Another rule is to make definitions both of an accident and of its subject, either of both separately or else of one of them, and then look and see if anything untrue has been assumed as true in the definitions.
Paragraph 4 Moreover, a man should make the problem into a proposition for himself, and then bring a negative instance against it:
Paragraph 5 Moreover, you should define what kind of things should be called as most men call them, and what should not.

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