Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 2 Part 4

It is well to alter a term into one more familiar

Paragraph 1 Moreover, it is well to alter a term into one more familiar, e.g. to substitute 'clear' for 'exact' in describing a conception, and 'being fussy' for 'being busy':
Paragraph 2 In order to show that contrary attributes belong to the same thing, look at its genus;
Paragraph 3 Since those things of which the genus is predicated must also of necessity have one of its species predicated of them, and since those things that are possessed of the genus in question, or are described by terms derived from that genus, must also of necessity be possessed of one of its species or be described by terms derived from one of its species (e.g. if to anything the term 'scientific knowledge' be applied, then also there will be applied to it the term 'grammatical' or 'musical' knowledge, or knowledge of one of the other sciences;
Paragraph 4 If you are not well equipped with an argument against the assertion, look among the definitions, real or apparent, of the thing before you, and if one is not enough, draw upon several.
Paragraph 5 Moreover, look and see in regard to the thing in question, what it is whose reality conditions the reality of the thing in question, or what it is whose reality necessarily follows if the thing in question be real:
Paragraph 6 Moreover, look at the time involved, to see if there be any discrepancy anywhere:

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