Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 2 Part 6

On dichotomies

Paragraph 1 In regard to subjects which must have one and one only of two predicates, as (e.g.) a man must have either a disease or health, supposing we are well supplied as regards the one for arguing its presence or absence, we shall be well equipped as regards the remaining one as well.
Paragraph 2 Moreover, you may devise a line of attack by reinterpreting a term in its literal meaning, with the implication that it is most fitting so to take it rather than in its established meaning:
Paragraph 3 Some things occur of necessity, others usually, others however it may chance;
Paragraph 4 Moreover, look and see also if he has stated a thing to be an accident of itself, taking it to be a different thing because it has a different name, as Prodicus used to divide pleasures into joy and delight and good cheer:

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