Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 3 Part 2

In their consequences

Paragraph 1 Moreover, whenever two things are very much like one another, and we cannot see any superiority in the one over the other of them, we should look at them from the standpoint of their consequences.
Paragraph 2 Moreover, a greater number of good things is more desirable than a smaller, either absolutely or when the one is included in the other, viz. the smaller number in the greater.
Paragraph 3 Also, everything is more desirable at the season when it is of greater consequence;
Paragraph 4 Also, that is more desirable which is more useful at every season or at most seasons, e.g. justice and temperance rather than courage:
Paragraph 5 Moreover, judge by the destructions and losses and generations and acquisitions and contraries of things:
Paragraph 6 Another rule is that the more conspicuous good is more desirable than the less conspicuous, and the more difficult than the easier:
Paragraph 7 Moreover, if A be without qualification better than B, then also the best of the members of A is better than the best of the members of B;
Paragraph 8 Moreover, things which our friends can share are more desirable than those they cannot.
Paragraph 9 Also, superfluities are better than necessities, and are sometimes more desirable as well:
Paragraph 10 Also, what cannot be got from another is more desirable than what can be got from another as well, as (e.g.) is the case of justice compared with courage.
Paragraph 11 Moreover, that is more desirable in whose absence it is less blameworthy for people to be vexed;

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