Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 3 Part 6

Universals entail particulars

Paragraph 1 If the question be put in a particular and not in a universal form, in the first place the universal constructive or destructive commonplace rules that have been given may all be brought into use.
Paragraph 2 Moreover you should judge by means of greater or smaller or like degrees:
Paragraph 3 Not only by means of another genus can you overthrow a view, but also by means of the same, if you take the most marked instance of the character in question;
Paragraph 4 If the problem be indefinite, it is possible to overthrow a statement in only one way;
Paragraph 5 It is useful also to take a look at individual instances, in cases where some attribute has been said to belong or not to belong, as in the case of universal questions.
Paragraph 6 In regard then to Accident, you should set to work by means like these, and in this manner.

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