Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 4 Part 3

Species partaking of contratries of the genus

Paragraph 1 Look and see, also, if what is placed in the genus partakes or could possibly partake of any contrary of the genus:
Paragraph 2 You should look and see, also, if the species be a homonym of the genus, and employ as your elementary principles those already stated for dealing with homonymity:
Paragraph 3 Seeing that of every genus there is more than one species, look and see if it be impossible that there should be another species than the given one belonging to the genus stated:
Paragraph 4 Look and see, also, if he has rendered as genus a metaphorical expression, describing (e.g. 'temperance' as a 'harmony':
Paragraph 5 Moreover, if there be any contrary of the species, examine it.
Paragraph 6 Likewise.
Paragraph 7 If, therefore, you are demolishing a view, there are all these ways in which you should make your examination:
Paragraph 8 Again, consider in the case of the inflexions and the co-ordinates of species and genus, and see whether they follow likewise, both in demolishing and in establishing a view.

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