Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 5 Part 5

Natural properties cannot be essential

Paragraph 1 Next, for destructive purposes, see if, while intending to render an attribute that naturally belongs, he states it in his language in such a way as to indicate one that invariably belongs:
Paragraph 2 Moreover, as regards all the things that are called as they are primarily after something else, or primarily in themselves, it is a job to render the property of such things.
Paragraph 3 In the case of some properties it mostly happens that some error is incurred because of a failure to define how as well as to what things the property is stated to belong.
Paragraph 4 Next, for destructive purposes, see if he has stated a thing as a property of itself:
Paragraph 5 Next, in the case of things consisting of like parts, you should look and see, for destructive purposes, if the property of the whole be not true of the part, or if that of the part be not predicated of the whole:

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