Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 6 Part 2


Paragraph 1 One commonplace rule, then, in regard to obscurity is, See if the meaning intended by the definition involves an ambiguity with any other, e.g. 'Becoming is a passage into being', or 'Health is the balance of hot and cold elements'.
Paragraph 2 Another rule is, See if he has used a metaphorical expression, as, for instance, if he has defined knowledge as 'unsupplantable', or the earth as a 'nurse', or temperance as a 'harmony'.
Paragraph 3 Sometimes a phrase is used neither ambiguously, nor yet metaphorically, nor yet literally, as when the law is said to be the 'measure' or 'image' of the things that are by nature just.
Paragraph 4 Moreover, see if from the expression used the definition of the contrary be not clear;

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