Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 6 Part 3


Paragraph 1 If, then, the definition be not clear, you should proceed to examine on lines such as these.
Paragraph 2 Or see if, though the additional matter may be peculiar to the given term, yet even when it is struck out the rest of the expression too is peculiar and makes clear the essence of the term.
Paragraph 3 Moreover, see if anything contained in the definition fails to apply to everything that falls under the same species:
Paragraph 4 Again, see if he has said the same thing more than once, saying (e.g.) 'desire' is a 'conation for the pleasant'.
Paragraph 5 Again, see if a universal have been mentioned and then a particular case of it be added as well, e.g. 'Equity is a remission of what is expedient and just';

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