Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 6 Part 5

When an object in a genus has not been placed in it

Paragraph 1 Generally speaking, then, one commonplace rule relates to the failure to frame the expression by means of terms that are prior and more intelligible:
Paragraph 2 Moreover, see if, while the term to be defined is used in relation to many things, he has failed to render it in relation to all of them;
Paragraph 3 Moreover, in a case where the term to be defined is used in relation to several things, see if he has rendered it as relative to the worse rather than to the better;
Paragraph 4 Again, if the thing in question be not placed in its own proper genus, one must examine it according to the elementary rules in regard to genera, as has been said before.
Paragraph 5 Moreover, see if he uses language which transgresses the genera of the things he defines, defining, e.g. justice as a 'state that produces equality' or 'distributes what is equal':

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