Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 6 Part 7

Whether application of a term is consistent with its definition

Paragraph 1 You should look and see also whether the term being defined is applied in consideration of something other than the definition rendered.
Paragraph 2 Moreover, see if the thing admits of degrees, whereas what is rendered according to the definition does not, or, vice versa, what is rendered according to the definition admits of degrees while the thing does not.
Paragraph 3 Moreover, suppose two things to be before you, see if the term to be defined applies more particularly to the one to which the content of the definition is less applicable.
Paragraph 4 Moreover, see if he renders the definition relative to two things taken separately:
Paragraph 5 Moreover, of both genera and differentiae and all the other terms rendered in definitions you should frame definitions in lieu of the terms, and then see if there be any discrepancy between them.

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