Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 6 Part 9

Definitions of state, of relatives, of contraries

Paragraph 1 Moreover, if the definition be of the state of anything, look at what is in the state, while if it be of what is in the state, look at the state:
Paragraph 2 Moreover, in the case of relative terms, see if the species is rendered as relative to a species of that to which the genus is rendered as relative, e.g. supposing belief to be relative to some object of belief, see whether a particular belief is made relative to some particular object of belief:
Paragraph 3 See, also, if the opposite of the term has the opposite definition, whether (e.g.) the definition of 'half' is the opposite of that of 'double':
Paragraph 4 Moreover, see if in rendering a term formed to denote privation, he has failed to render the term of which it is the privation, e.g. the state, or contrary, or whatever it may be whose privation it is:
Paragraph 5 Examine further whether he has defined by the expression 'a privation' a term that is not used to denote a privation:

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