Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 6 Part 12

Reality, relatives, imperfection, desirables

Paragraph 1 Again, see if the term of which he renders the definition is a reality, whereas what is contained in the definition is not, e.g. Suppose 'white' to be defined as 'colour mingled with fire':
Paragraph 2 Moreover, those who in the case of relative terms do not distinguish to what the object is related, but have described it only so as to include it among too large a number of things, are wrong either wholly or in part;
Paragraph 3 Sometimes, again, people define not the thing but only the thing in a good or perfect condition.
Paragraph 4 Again, see if he has rendered what is desirable for its own sake as desirable for what it produces or does, or as in any way desirable because of something else, e.g. by saying that justice is 'what preserves the laws' or that wisdom is 'what produces happiness';

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