Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 6 Part 13

Product and sum

Paragraph 1 See also whether in defining anything a man has defined it as an 'A and B', or as a 'product of A and B' or as an 'A+B'.
Paragraph 2 If, however, he has said that the term being defined is not 'A and B' but the 'product of A and B', look and see in the first place if A and B cannot in the nature of things have a single product:
Paragraph 3 Again, see whether the whole, as produced from a better and worse, fails to be worse than the better and better than the worse element.
Paragraph 4 Moreover, see if the whole be synonymous with one of the elements:
Paragraph 5 Moreover, see if he has failed to state the manner of their composition:
Paragraph 6 If a man has defined an object as 'A+B', the first thing to be said is that 'A+B' means the same either as 'A and B', or as the 'product of A and B.'
Paragraph 7 Some definitions rendered in this form fail to come under the aforesaid division at all, e.g. a definition of anger as 'pain with a consciousness of being slighted'.

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