Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 7 Part 5

It is more difficult to establish than to overthrow a definition

Paragraph 1 That it is more difficult to establish than to overthrow a definition, is obvious from considerations presently to be urged.
Paragraph 2 Further, even supposing it should be necessary to overthrow something by a universal proposition, not even so is there any need to prove the converse of the proposition in the process of overthrowing the definition.
Paragraph 3 The case stands likewise in regard to the property and genus of a term also.
Paragraph 4 In the case of an accidental attribute the universal proposition is easier to overthrow than to establish;
Paragraph 5 It is clear also that the easiest thing of all is to overthrow a definition.
Paragraph 6 Of the rest, the property is most nearly of this kind:
Paragraph 7 The easiest thing of all to establish is an accidental predicate:
Paragraph 8 The commonplace arguments through which we shall be well supplied with lines of argument with regard to our several problems have now been enumerated at about sufficient length.

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