Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 8 Part 2

Syllogism and demonstration versus induction

Paragraph 1 In dialectics, syllogism should be employed in reasoning against dialecticians rather than against the crowd:
Paragraph 2 If one has made an induction on the strength of several cases and yet the answerer refuses to grant the universal proposition, then it is fair to demand his objection.
Paragraph 3 Whenever it is possible to reason to the same conclusion either through or without a reduction per impossibile, if one is demonstrating and not arguing dialectically it makes no difference which method of reasoning be adopted, but in argument with another reasoning per impossibile should be avoided.
Paragraph 4 One should put forward all propositions that hold true of several cases, and to which either no objection whatever appears or at least not any on the surface:
Paragraph 5 The conclusion should not be put in the form of a question;
Paragraph 6 Not every universal question can form a dialectical proposition as ordinarily understood, e.g. 'What is man?'
Paragraph 7 Any one who keeps on asking one thing for a long time is a bad inquirer.

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