Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 8 Part 13

People seem to beg their original question in five ways

Paragraph 1 Of the ways in which a questioner may beg the original question and also beg contraries the true account has been given in the Analytics;
Paragraph 2 People appear to beg their original question in five ways:
Paragraph 3 The ways in which people assume contraries are equal in number to those in which they beg their original question.
Paragraph 4 firstly, if any one were to beg an opposite affirmation and negation;
Paragraph 5 secondly, if he were to beg the contrary terms of an antithesis, e.g. that the same thing is good and evil;
Paragraph 6 thirdly, suppose any one were to claim something universally and then proceed to beg its contradictory in some particular case, e.g. if having secured that the knowledge of contraries is one, he were to claim that the knowledge of what makes for health or for disease is different;
Paragraph 7 fourthly, suppose him, after postulating the latter view, to try to secure universally the contradictory statement.
Paragraph 8 fifthly, suppose a man begs the contrary of the conclusion which necessarily comes about through the premisses laid down;

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