Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 8 Part 14

Training and practice in arguments

Paragraph 1 The best way to secure training and practice in arguments of this kind is in the first place to get into the habit of converting the arguments.
Paragraph 2 It is best to know by heart arguments upon those questions which are of most frequent occurrence, and particularly in regard to those propositions which are ultimate:
Paragraph 3 Moreover, you should get into the habit of turning one argument into several, and conceal your procedure as darkly as you can:
Paragraph 4 Records of discussions should be made in a universal form, even though one has argued only some particular case:
Paragraph 5 You should display your training in inductive reasoning against a young man, in deductive against an expert.
Paragraph 6 Do not argue with every one, nor practise upon the man in the street:
Paragraph 7 It is best also to have ready-made arguments relating to those questions in which a very small stock will furnish us with arguments serviceable on a very large number of occasions.

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