Aristotle - The Organon - index for DE SOPHISTICIS ELENCHIS Section 3 Part 33

Degrees of difficulty in refutation of fallacies

Paragraph 1 We must also observe that of all the arguments aforesaid it is easier with some to see why and where the reasoning leads the hearer astray, while with others it is more difficult, though often they are the same arguments as the former.
Paragraph 2 An incisive argument is one which produces the greatest perplexity:
Paragraph 3 Now sometimes an argument which has not been properly reasoned is silly, supposing the assumptions required to be extremely contrary to the general view or false;
Paragraph 4 Just as it is possible to bring a solution sometimes against the argument, at others against the questioner and his mode of questioning, and at others against neither of these, likewise also it is possible to marshal one's questions and reasoning both against the thesis, and against the answerer and against the time, whenever the solution requires a longer time to examine than the period available.

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