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The Philosophy of Aristotle

Two important parts of Aristotle's philosophy are provided here in a structured html. These are:

I did these because the available texts were lacking in structure, and not good for someone like myself who is bad at reading and inclined to dip. In particular, the work is divided into volumes, books, and parts (lots of them) but few have them have titles.

So the idea was to break the texts up with just one part to a file and to put in indexes with titles for each volume, book and part (which I would probably have to invent myself). Its really just a presentation of concise notes on what the various parts are about. I also put in indexes containing the first line of each paragraph.

This might sound like hard work, which it would have been if I had not used PERL. However, working out what all the titles should be is not something you can program, so that is more time consuming and I have not got terribly far with it.

The original text files were all obtained from The Internet Classics Archive.

For a concise accessible account of Aristotle's syllogistic logic try wikipedia (and the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, which you can reach from the wiki page).

I have now also produced hyperlinked PDF versions which have the additional small merit of (hyperlinked) indexes.

If you prefer a paperback the same editions are available in paperback from CreateSpace.com.

I have done some formal modelling of aspects of Aristotle's logic and metaphysics, which is available as a PDF document. It is a bit of a shambles but there may be something of value in it. I am hoping to do something more substantial in the future.

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