Index for Chapter VIII

Some further considerations concerningour Simple Ideas of Sensation

1. Positive ideas from privative causes.
2. Ideas in the mind distinguished from that in things which gives rise to them.
3. We may have the ideas when we are ignorant of their physical causes.
4. Why a privative cause in nature may occasion a positive idea.
5. Negative names need not be meaningless.
6. Whether any ideas are due to causes really privative.
7. Ideas in the mind, qualities in bodies.
8. Our ideas and the qualities of bodies.
9. Primary qualities of bodies.
10. Secondary qualities of bodies.
11. How bodies produce ideas in us.
12. By motions, external, and in our organism.
13. How secondary qualities produce their ideas.
14. They depend on the primary qualities.
15. Ideas of primary qualities are resemblances;
16. Examples.
17. The ideas of the primary alone really exist.
18. The secondary exist in things only as modes of the primary.
19. Examples.
20. Pound an almond, and the clear white colour will be altered into a dirty one, and the sweet taste into an oily one.
21. Explains how water felt as cold by one hand may be warm to the other.
22. An excursion into natural philosophy.
23. Three sorts of qualities in bodies.
24. The first are resemblances;
25. Why the secondary are ordinarily taken for real qualities, and not for bare powers.
26. Secondary qualities twofold;

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