Index for Chapter IX

Of Perception

1. Perception the first simple idea of reflection.
2. Reflection alone can give us the idea of what perception is.
3. Arises in sensation only when the mind notices the organic impression.
4. Impulse on the organ insufficient.
5. Children, though they may have ideas in the womb, have none innate.
6. The effects of sensation in the womb.
7. Which ideas appear first, is not evident, nor important.
8. Sensations often changed by the judgment.
9. This judgment apt to be mistaken for direct perception.
10. How, by habit, ideas of sensation are unconsciously changed into ideas of judgment.
11. Perception puts the difference between animals and vegetables.
12. Perception in all animals.
13. According to their condition.
14. Decay of perception in old age.
15. Perception the inlet of all materials of knowledge.

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