Index for Chapter XIII

Complex Ideas of Simple Modes:- and First, of the Simple Modes of the Idea of Space

1. Simple modes of simple ideas.
2. Idea of Space.
3. Space and extension.
4. Immensity.
5. Figure.
6. Endless variety of figures.
7. Place.
8. Place relative to particular bodies.
9. Place relative to a present purpose.
10. Place of the universe.
11. Extension and body not the same.
12. Extension not solidity.
13. The parts of space inseparable, both really and mentally.
14. The parts of space, immovable.
15. The definition of extension explains it not.
16. Division of beings into bodies and spirits proves not space and body the same.
17. Substance which we know not, no proof against space without body.
18. Different meanings of substance.
19. Substance and accidents of little use in philosophy.
20. Sticking on and under-propping.
21. A vacuum beyond the utmost bounds of body.
22. The power of annihilation proves a vacuum.
23. Motion proves a vacuum.
24. The ideas of space and body distinct.
25. Extension being inseparable from body, proves it not the same.
26. Essences of things.
27. Ideas of space and solidity distinct.
28. Men differ little in clear, simple ideas.

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