Index for Chapter XIV

Idea of Duration and its Simple Modes

1. Duration is fleeting extension.
2. Its idea from reflection on the train of our ideas.
3. Nature and origin of the idea of duration.
4. Proof that its idea is got from reflection on the train of our ideas.
5. The idea of duration applicable to things whilst we sleep.
6. The idea of succession not from motion.
7. Very slow motions unperceived.
8. Very swift motions unperceived.
9. The train of ideas has a certain degree of quickness.
10. Real succession in swift motions without sense of succession.
11. In slow motions.
12. This train, the measure of other successions.
13. The mind cannot fix long on one invariable idea.
14. Proof.
15. The extent of our power over the succession of our ideas.
16. Ideas, however made, include no sense of motion.
17. Time is duration set out by measures.
18. A good measure of time must divide its whole duration into equal periods.
19. The revolutions of the sun and moon, the properest measures of time for mankind.
20. But not by their motion, but periodical appearances.
21. No two parts of duration can be certainly known to be equal.
22. Time not the measure of motion.
23. Minutes, hours, days, and years not necessary measures of duration.
24. Our measure of time applicable to duration before time.
25. As we can measure space in our thoughts where there is no body.
26. The assumption that the world is neither boundless nor eternal.
27. Eternity.
28. Our measures of duration dependent on our ideas.
29. The duration of anything need not be co-existent with the motion we measure it by.
30. Infinity in duration.
31. Origin of our ideas of duration, and of the measures of it.

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