Index for Chapter XVII

Of Infinity

1. Infinity, in its original intention, attributed to space, duration, and number.
2. The idea of finite easily got.
3. How we come by the idea of infinity.
4. Our idea of space boundless.
5. And so of duration.
6. Why other ideas are not capable of infinity.
7. Difference between infinity of space, and space infinite.
8. We have no idea of infinite space.
9. Number affords us the clearest idea of infinity.
10. Our different conceptions of the infinity of number contrasted with those of duration and expansion.
11. How we conceive the infinity of space.
12. Infinite divisibility.
13. No positive idea of infinity.
14. How we cannot have a positive idea of infinity in quantity.
15. What is positive, what negative, in our idea of infinite.
16. We have no positive idea of an infinite duration.
17. No complete idea of eternal being.
18. No positive idea of infinite space.
19. What is positive, what negative, in our idea of infinite.
20. Some think they have a positive idea of eternity, and not of infinite space.
21. Supposed positive ideas of infinity, cause of mistakes.
22. All these are modes of ideas got from sensation and reflection.

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