Index for Chapter XXIII

Of our Complex Ideas of Substances

1. Ideas of particular substances, how made.
2. Our obscure idea of substance in general.
3. Of the sorts of substances.
4. No clear or distinct idea of substance in general.
5. As clear an idea of spiritual substance as of corporeal substance.
6. Our ideas of particular sorts of substances.
7. Their active and passive powers a great part of our complex ideas of substances.
8. And why.
9. Three sorts of ideas make our complex ones of corporeal substances.
10. Powers thus make a great part of our complex ideas of particular substances.
11. The now secondary qualities of bodies would disappear, if we could discover the primary ones of their minute parts.
12. Our faculties for discovery of the qualities and powers of substances suited to our state.
13. Conjecture about the corporeal organs of some spirits.
14. Our specific ideas of substances.
15. Our ideas of spiritual substances, as clear as of bodily substances.
16. No idea of abstract substance either in body or spirit.
17. Cohesion of solid parts and impulse, the primary ideas peculiar to body.
18. Thinking and motivity the primary ideas peculiar to spirit.
19. Spirits capable of motion.
20. Proof of this.
21. God immoveable, because infinite.
22. Our complex idea of an immaterial spirit and our complex idea of body compared.
23. Cohesion of solid parts in body as hard to be conceived as thinking in a soul.
24. Not explained by an ambient fluid.
25. We can as little understand how the parts cohere in extension, as how our spirits perceive or move.
26. The cause of coherence of atoms in extended substances incomprehensible.
27. The supposed pressure brought to explain cohesion is unintelligible.
28. Communication of motion by impulse, or by thought, equally unintelligible.
29. Summary.
30. Our idea of spirit and our idea of body compared.
31. The notion of spirit involves no more difficulty in it than that of body.
32. We know nothing of things beyond our simple ideas of them.
33. Our complex idea of God.
34. Our complex idea of God as infinite.
35. God in his own essence incognisable.
36. No ideas in our complex ideas of spirits, but those got from sensation or reflection.
37. Recapitulation.

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